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We need a TRUE AGENT OF CHANGE! Someone to call their hypocrisy out and stand by their words!  I'm that guy!

Those of the Political/Elite Class don't have to follow the rules that we do.  They create laws that force us into submission while they flaunt their power.  It's hypocritical, and for most of us that's enough for us NOT to be willing to act that way - cause we have a conscious.  Yet, they don't.  They have no problem flaunting their power and treating us as subjects - NOT CITIZENS! 

Remember, the Political Class will always think that they are better than us.  They will believe that they are doing "Our Work" and therefore there must be "allowances" for them.  That they are "ABOVE THE LAW" or they don't have to be subjected to the "COMMON THINGS" - like us! 

If they could hold their positions without having to convince us that they are doing "OUR WORK!"  They would.  They would love to be the Tyrants of our Nation.  That's the final outcome of Socialism - TOTALITARIANISM! 



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