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Democrat Leadership is working to Break our FAMILIES, Break our FAITH, Break our SCHOOLS and Break our CONSTITUTION! As we look across the landscape of our political divide we see that the Democratic Party Leadership has embraced Socialism, higher taxes, and an attitude of disrespect towards American citizens. Worst of all, sane political discussion has turned into hate for our President and those who have a Conservative point of view.

I am a Center-Right Republican who believes in the American Way. I have lived in the 5th District for over 40 years, I didn't move here to run for an election cycle. I went to school here, I had my first job in this district, was married in this district. I have roots in this district, unlike the current office holder.

Best of all, I'm not a Harvard lawyer who is beholding to the Clinton Machine, as the current office holder does. And yes, as many of those who have violated our Constitution and the American Way are.

I am a Citizen- Candidate! I've been an EDUCATOR for almost two decades. As a Social Studies Teacher I have a greater understanding of the meaning of our Constitution, the origins of society as well as a deep understanding of the roots of our governmental system. Our Constitution is NOT a living document meant to change with the whims of the present majority. Instead our Constitution is meant to keep the ideals and Freedoms open to all. Not the select few in power!
My family has a history of service, a mother who was a school teacher, a father who was a U.S. Army Engineer that worked on the weapons systems that protect our country today. I have two brothers who worked as corrections officers one of which is a public defender, a niece who is an Assistant District Attorney and nephew who is serving with the 82nd Airborne. And yes, I AM A UNION MEMBER!

We need to stop the abuses of the Constitution at the Federal Level. We need to take back our state and we need to stop the Democrat leadership from breaking our families, breaking our schools, breaking our faith and breaking our Constitution.

I have already been talking to my Friends and Neighbors presenting my personal ideas and initiatives for the upcoming Campaign!

"I have three major policy initiatives that I plan to bring to you, my fellow citizens. These are only the beginning of the message I plan on bringing against the Socialist Democrat Leadership."

  1. Lower Taxes.

    The current Officeholder wants to allow the bureaucrats to be in control of our money, and spend it the way they want, not the way we need. I say this is a typical Democrat policy - Big Government! I say let's stop the Tax theft that Big Government encourages. I say we lover taxes for the average taxpayer to below the Corporate Tax. The garbage question from Democrats will be "How do you pay for this?" The answer is simple. We don't, it's OUR Money! If Democrats are so worried - cut the Big Government Programs that waste money by 25%.

  2. A National Heartbeat Bill.

    I prefer Adoption to Abortion! I'm one of those people does what he encourages others to do.  Both of my children are from my wife's previous marriage and I have taken them as my own!  Having said that I approach abortion differently than most.  Current technology and public opinion has outpaced Roe v Wade. We believe the 70 day point of a pregnancy is more than sufficient time to make any determination.  By this point in the development a baby has a fully formed heart. If your heart stops then you aren't alive. If you do have a heartbeat, then you are alive. Thus the reason why we are Alive.  Unlike the Hard Left we can talk about the values involved.  We can have a discussion, but please remember, I'm for the littlest Guy/Gal in the Room!  I prefer Adoption to Abortion! 

    Abortion leads to Eugenics.  It is the established purpose of the founders, a means to "purify" the races from genetic deformities.  To them genetic deformities were the weak, mentally challenged (what we would call on the spectrum) or the physically challenged as well as all those who were NON-WHITE!  Nearly 40% of all abortions in America are by Black women who make up only 7% of the population.  In 2016 there were 47,000 pregnancies.  23,000 were aborted and about 22,000 were born.   Eugenics in ACTION!

    As a society we should be troubled by this information.  Yet, we seem to have no concern!  In other countries abortion has lead to infanticide based on mental deformities and because of gender.   Since when did having a mental deformities make life irrelevant or unimportant.  
  3. The Ida B. Wells National Constitutional Carry Law.

    Ida B. Wells was a Black news reporter in the Racists Democrat controlled, Jim Crow controlled States. Gun Control is one of the last remnants of Jim Crow and the Democrats control over Black families. Ida B. Wells called for every black family to have a Winchester over their Mantel to protect themselves and their families from the KKK.

    Today the street gangs and drug dealers who parade around the streets of our inner cities, threatening families to "stay in line" or they'll be the next one gun downed. Forcing children to join their gangs and pass the "tests" of loyalty. Our families are made vulnerable by the Democrat leadership push to enforce gun control.

    Our schools are left vulnerable to attacks from those who suffer from mental illness because of GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES! Meanwhile, our politicians, judges, airports and lawyers are protected everyday from these attacks. Why the double standard? Because this is a political issue and talking points for politicians who seek only increasing their own popularity instead of doing the right thing to protect our children. Since when do we not trust educated adults, many with master level's of education, background checks and yearly proof of their willingness to protect our children.

    The answer is simple - When it's a political issue for some politician to get a few talking points in. WE MUST STOP THIS NOW!

I look forward to hearing from you during my "Listening Tour" in the next weeks and months. This mission of ours is to break the Democrat Blue Wall they believe New Jersey is a part of. We need to break it with our ideas while we rejuvenate the Republican Party in New Jersey.

Together we can stop the Democrat leadership from Breaking our FAMILIES, Breaking our FAITH, Breaking our SCHOOLS and Breaking our CONSTITUTION! But we can only do it together.

Join my team, DONATE today and let's get together to fight the Democrats together!

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