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Commissar Gottheimer Makes Another Fake Statement!

Comrade Gottheimer made another fake statement. He gets the lie of the day award as his Socialist desires rings true. As reported by the Patch of Ringwood-Glenn Rock the Commissar made this statement about the Green New Deal."None of those things are going anywhere," and "I'm into ideas that can actually get signed into law."

This is the lie of the Comrade who says he is against Socialism. Of course it won’t pass now because he knows that President Trump will VETO the Hell out of the GREEN NEW DEAL. Comrade Josh and his fellow Democrat Leadership are only hoping to get a Democrat in the White House. And then of course - it is passable. Don’t agree, remember how Socialized Medicine would never be put into place.

Remember how you could “Keep your doctor.” Remember those lies. Remember OBAMACARE and the backroom, backdoor, under the table, and underhanded deals that the Ex-President Pushed so hard to get passed! Remember how Ex-President Obama LIED to us?

Well, we only have one vote for in the House of Representatives.

Do you WANT that vote to go for SOCIALISM?

COMRADE JOSH will SIDE with the Democrat Leadership EVERY TIME HE CAN!

He’s their buddy. He’s one of those rich HARVARD LAWYERS! COMRADE JOSH a Clinton Acolyte.

JAMES BALDINI isn’t a HARVARD LAWYER. He’s not even a lawyer! He got his degree right here in New Jersey.

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