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Disabilities in the Work Place: Panera Sparta, NJ

This screenshot, taken this morning, highlights just how difficult it is for those who are disabled. The young woman that is the subject of this post waited on my wife and her report to me was that this young woman did a wonderful job.
It's moments like this that we should highlight the positive instead of the negative. Here goes:

  1. Clearly, there has been a strong upswell of support for this young woman. As a society, this compassion should make us happy and more confident in our neighbor, despite the actions of the management of the Panera.
  2. There are many good companies out there that don't drop to this level of discrimination. My son's two employers are prime examples of that. Both Fonzarelli's in Augusta and Jumboland in Frankford are great examples of community-based employers who not only care about the families but find value in EVERYONE!
  3. It is clear that this young woman has a strong support system at home and that this issue, despite the pain it may cause her, can be put aside with kindness and compassion of those who are closest to her. I know this from Personal Experience. 

Finally, it's important to note that when you take on a disabled employee you understand that there are a number of adjustments you have to be willing to make. As a parent, I want the employer to hold my son accountable. That also means when you put an expectation that is above his ability, it's the one who has the unrealistic expectations who is to blame. In essence, it is setting up a disabled person for failure. This isn't always intentional, but it does happen - Too often!
Being disabled isn't a choice. It's the nature of the disabled person's life.


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