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Gottheimer's failure to fight Antisemitism within the Democratic Party Leadership!

It’s inescapable now.

If the article linked below is true than what we’re facing is a true test of our future and the inescapable truth that Comrade Josh has abandoned Israel, and Jewish families around the world to join with his hard left brothers and sisters of his party. The article is about upcoming platform positions for the forthcoming Democratic Convention. This will set the final standards and platform for the Democratic party before the 2020 campaign season. The resurgence of anti-semitism within the Democratic Party makes this type of platform position more and more likely.

Here’s the Breakdown:

To translate one quote from the article by California State Assemblyman David Mandel about the blame for the attack on the synagogue in Pittsburg: “Israel isn't to blame, but it is to blame.” (Direct quote: Mandel said it would be "far-fetched" to say that the resolution "directly" blames Israel for violence against Jews. But, he suggested, Israel officials did bear some indirect responsibility for both anti-Semitic and Islamophobic violence.)

This anti-semitism isn't unprecedented in the history of the Democrat Leadership. Beyond their continued push for Jim Crow legislation in the form of pro-abortion and gun control we see a dramatic statement within their 2017 platform of “condemning what it characterized as the U.S. support for Israeli "occupation of the Palestinian lands," and opposing crackdowns on economic boycotts of Israel.”

Funny (sarcastic) - I don’t remember Comrade Josh saying ANYTHING about this position in the last two years….. Hear the crickets! More cowardice from the leading Democrat of Bergen!

Beyond this, we already know that the leadership, including Comrade Josh are afraid of the anti-semitic growth within their party, are not willing to publicly stand up to and in the case of Comrade Josh is only willing to stand behind close doors and raise his “bully” finger into the faces of these anti-semites.

Comrade Josh neither has the leadership ability or the Intestinal Fortitude (Guts) to stand up to his party and the crackpot hard left anti-semites within it. Instead, for fear of losing to me or his fear of losing his shot at taking over Booker or Mendez seats in the Senate he will duck and cover for his own personal self.  

  Number one in Comrade Josh's world is..... Comrade Josh!

Remember, Josh cares for no one - but himself. If he doesn’t gain, he won’t be there. If it doesn’t make him look good, he won’t show up. Photop Josh is on full display!

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