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James Baldini Announces his Campaign for 5th Congressional District of New Jersey!

Today I announce that I am running for Congress. Our 5th District and New Jersey values have not been represented in the last two and a half years. The current officeholder and his fellow Democrat Leadership have worked hard to Break our FAMILIES, Break our FAITH, Break our SCHOOLS and Break our CONSTITUTION.

We need to end this abuse of our citizens and our nation. Over the years I have seen good citizens suffer the high taxes and struggle to make ends meet. While Cleptocrat Politicians suck the life force from our families through over regulation, high taxes and legislation meant to socially program what they consider the "lower Class" - US!

We're the ones doing the living and the dying here in the 5th District. We're the ones paying the taxes while the politicians enrich their pockets and make themselves look good. No one really represents our ideas, Real New Jersey Values. Real American Values!

I don't know where the current officeholder is from, perhaps it's from Jersey, Great Britain. Makes sense! That is Socialist! His values are not ours!  The Truth is we know where he is from.  And it's NOT the 5th District. 

From the Desk of JAMES BALDINI

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