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At the Campaign we believe in MOVING FORWARD and keeping up the Pressure against Comrade JOSH!  

To do that we have our new email: 

Send a congratulatory email if you want.  It's live!  And while you're at it,  Make sure you SIGN UP FOR UPDATES from our team!  Wouldn't it be glorious if we could show just what GRASSROOTS can do to the ASTRO-TURF of the Democrats and their COMRADE JOSH!  

In that frame of mind, I thought I might add this video about MOVING FORWARD! Rocky Balboa was the first movie I took my kids to.  It was on Christmas Day and I remember making the trek in the cold weather and watching this piece of what I call my Heritage!  To me, when Rocky said this, I could hear my father's voice talking to me.  Telling me NOT to Quit.  

While Rocky says it, I heard it from my dad so many times.  One Italian, talking to another Italian.  A father talking to his son.  I have done the same thing by making sure I drive this message home to both my son and daughter.  Both are EXAMPLES of that NEVER GONNA QUIT DRIVE - that Rocky talks about, that we need to thrive in this world!  

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