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Candidate for the 5th District, James Baldini will be speaking at the Hardyston Republican Committee Meeting this Tuesday at Tony's Pizza in Hardyston at 7 pm.   Mr. Baldini will be introducing his fellow Republicans to his latest proposal, a significant change in the dialogue of Politics in the nation.  

"One of the concerns we face in our nation is the ever increasing cost of Big Government and the administrative state that strangles growth and productivity of the American Entrepreneur." 

Mr. Baldini stated for this article. 

"If we are going to have our nation grow further beyond what it is now, to make America Great and Stronger, we need to address this crushing Bureaucracy.  My proposal tomorrow night promises to do just that in the most direct meaningful way."

When he was reminded that others have tried to decrease the size of the bureaucracy and failed, what makes this proposal so unique in these attempts?  Mr. Baldini responded with:

"This problem isn't a Republican or Democratic problem.  This is an American Problem and this proposal will pull from both sides of the aisle, and most importantly it will attract independents to it.   We've always pitted one side against the other in our hope to fix government.  This will pull us together, not apart." 


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