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Student Loan Debt


Colleges are creating INDENTURED SERVITUDE! Understand that not everyone has to go to college. Certainly there are advantages, but you can support a very good lifestyle with many of the trades that are available in local technical and trade schools.

However, if you are going to a college you are paying a tremendous amount of money for little return. Most ordinary colleges are in the business of indoctrination of their students to an understanding that is more aligned with "New Morality".  They have created fake enclaves for students to go to school in.  This prevents them from knowing the real world.    Everything is based on power and privilege instead of looking at the way of the world through different perspectives. Our campuses have switched from truly open experiences to close minded one-way perspectives. Modern campuses are havens where Free Speech is not allowed and diverse opinions have been replaced by groupthink! Jonathan Haidt and NYT’s Frank Bruni discuss this growing problem back in 2017. Today it is even worse. Here's the link! At about 5 minutes you hear the real problem within the schools and the vast groupthink model that has developed in these so-called institutions.


So the Answer:

Let's Socialize College Education. The Federal Government can go into each of the colleges and Universities and take all Endowments away to repay the student debt for the last ten years. Furthermore, in order to keep education costs under control no longer will educators make six figure salaries. All salaries will at $15 minimum wage, with a maximum growth to $25 an hour.

Universities are no longer working class educators. They are in fact - elitists and this needs to be changed. Furthermore, all curriculum will be set by a standard established by government. While we're at it, let's also require that all students pass a nationalized test to GRADUATE from the program they are in.   This ensures that students are prepared for the real world.

Oh yeah, any student that doesn't finish - we have two possible solutions.  Solution one is that students have to repay back in real dollars based on the number of years they have been at college.  Solution two is we have them join a national recovery group that reacts to any crisis within the US.  A hurricane, tornado, these individuals dive in to "save the day".

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