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PRESS RELEASE:(For immediate release):


Josh- Unprepared for Class or a Liar (S.A.L.T.):


The only fact-based report that Mr. Gottheimer can stand on is that he and his fellow Democrats in Congress are wasting more American Dollars on their witch hunt against our President. Josh Gottheimer is a liar. He’s lied to us about being bi-partisan and he’s lying about SALT forcing New Jersey Families to leave the state. Families leave New Jersey because of the horrible and draconian tax/regulation and fee environment. But that’s not the worst of it. Josh Gottheimer either failed to do his homework properly on this press release or he simply lied about the facts.

His failure to read for detail - or lie, is centered around a faulty report from the Propublica, which is the source of his numbers about the decreased value of homes in the 5th District. This “so called” independent report uses as a reference house valued at $800,000 value. ( ). This colors all accuracy especially considering that the average house in NJ is $500,000 less. The average house cost in New Jersey is just over 330,000 - according to zillow ( ). And while we’re at it, who do you know that has a house worth 800,000 dollars? Exactly. Josh is protecting the WEALTHY Wall Streeters that he gets his contributions from, not those like you and me who live, work and shop on Main Street. The numbers from this report are meant to attack our President and make Josh look “tough” on fighting the President. Sorry Congressman, this makes you look like just another liar.

Furthermore, according to Zillow housing value has ACTUALLY RISEN ( )
Here’s Josh’s Press Release:
Instead of passing partisan bills and trying to find fault with the most successful economy on record, Mr. Gottheimer attempts to divert the real culprit -the Democrat controlled Legislature and Governor.

Perhaps Mr. Gottheimer should focus more on convincing his fellow Democrats in Trenton, Governor Murphy and the Democrat Controlled Legislature to lower the destructive tax base that we face in New Jersey instead of buying into the Hate-Trump nonsense spewed by the Political Elites.

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