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I'm as fed up with the nonsense that has permeated our government as the next person.  I'm not going to take it anymore!  We need to stand together to turn back the tide of Government Overreach and the abuse of the system that insulates the Political Class from their bad decisions and encourages them to KOWTOW to Foreign Powers and Foreign Companies while the American People are the ones that suffer! 


I have worked in education for twenty years.  I am a teacher from a local school.  I teach middle school students and as I look at the Congress today I can say that my students behave better than many within Congress.  I have lived in this district since I was 7 years old when my Father was forced to move because the BRAC Commission closed Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia and offered my father a posting at Picatinny Arsenal.   

I am father of two disabled children.  My youngest. Deniz is disabled for life but my oldest, Derya is disabled because of Socialism.  She spent 75 Days in a New York City Hospital System.  They held her against her will for insurance.  They changed her 18 month diagnosis within twenty four hours of her becoming a patient of theirs.  The proof is irrefutable and yet there is no Justice for her.  As a disabled adult I am not eligible to hold responsible those who did her harm.  And unless I was a millionaire, heir to a family fortune or politically connected I can expect no future Justice when she gets better.  The way the system is structured today my daughter becomes a pawn of a legal system as all of us are.  We are not politically connected.  Our last name is not Clinton, DeBlasio, Rockefeller, Gottheimer or Bloomberg and because of that justice will NEVER be served for us.  Worse we, the ones who aren't the POLITICAL ELITES, are the ones that the Justice System will attack.  Think I'm wrong?  Explain how my daughter was held for 75 days, by court order and that every time I tried to bring an expert into the court (that was scheduled ahead of time) the court was canceled or postponed.  No reason given.  ANSWER: The system is rigged against us! 

"The Political Elites want to be able to tell us HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES!  They want to put us on Mass Transit, while they ride around in their limousines.  They want to dictate to us what foods to eat, where to live and a limited existence while they eat and live to excess - ON OUR DIME!"

-James Baldini

As a teacher I have worked with families first hand, listening to them as they tell me stories of their own injustice.  How taxes are too damn high.  How they have to make the daily choice between fuel for the car, food for themselves or food for their kids.  This is wrong and this is because of the DOPEY-UTOPIA policies of the hard left.  Policies here in New Jersey that the LEFT wants to bring to our NATION!  

"I SAY NO MORE!  I stand with our President in fighting these EVIL SOCIALIST POLICIES!  I have a personal stake in it as every day I live with the consequences of Socialism."

-James Baldini



MY Campaign isn't just about Getting Gottheimer Gone and turning the 5th District RED!  It's about reaching across districts and helping other districts in New Jersey and turning them RED.  We, as Republicans have the better ideas and have the opportunity to change large portions of the state.  It's time for us to STOP THE SLIDE into Socialism that our State is moving towards. While I am running for Congress I am willing to ACTIVELY Campaign with ANY AND ALL REPUBLICANS who are going to infuse the MESSAGE of AMERICA FIRST in their campaign! It's TIME FOR US! 



He was outspent and still won.  He was attacked daily, sometimes hourly and still won.  The media HATED HIM - and US!  The Left tried to make him into a caricature, belittle and ostracize him.  Some in our own Party contributed to this.  

This is what EVERY candidate in New Jersey is going to run against.  And we can, and we CAN WIN - DESPITE these obstacles.  

Wanna KNOW HOW?  Reach out to me and FIND OUT---- GIVE ME A CALL!

(862) 266-7392

I'm a Father, Husband, Brother and Teacher!  I have worked as a Residential Group Home Manager and an Adolescent Counselor.  I have worked with families for almost thirty years.  I know how to help them because I've heard their stories and understood what they are going through.  I have seen first hand the impact of New Jersey Democrat Policies and I can speak to just how harmful they are to the ordinary average person.  

I'm NOT a prop and I'm not ESTABLISHMENT!  I'm the TRUMP of the 5th District.  I speak my mind because it's the RIGHT THING TO SAY!  Not because it's what the POLLS Say!  There are plenty of Republicans who are running who want to keep POLITICS AS USUAL, both parties putting on a show!  I want our party to do what it STANDS FOR!  Just as PRESIDENT TRUMP DOES!  LET'S STAND TOGETHER WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP! 

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