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STRAIGHT TALK with Arun Kumar

What Makes Jim Different?

I'm a teacher who has enough of the Middle School Behavior of our Democratic Leadership in the House!  It's time we make a change and stop the Politics as Usual crowd from having a say in the way our country is run.    James Baldini for Congress




In this clip I talk about Schools.  Our Schools in NJ are ranked  #1 in the Country but our Country is Ranked 24th Science and Reading and 39th for  Math in the World!  This is because we have POLITICIANS telling how and what to teach.  Politicians are setting the agendas and curriculum of schools .  Since the 1970's there is a direct correlation between the decrease in our Student Achievement and the Rise of Government Involvement! 


Higher Education

 In the 70's  there were 1% of college educated youths driving taxi's.  Today that number is 15%.  There's a reason for that.   The trades, within  our country have greater potential in some cases than a college education.    Student Loan Debt is so high because our Educational Institutions have become  EXPENSIVE without a guarantee of an outcome!   


Second Amendment

Jim Crow comes to New Jersey.  The policies of the Left are  violating our Civil Liberties. In this  Clip I expand on this .


S.A.L.T. (Salt  And Local Taxes)

Congressman Gottheimer has been lying to us.  He makes the bogus claim that the President's Tax Plan that has made the American Economy Skyrocket , brought jobs back to our country, created record breaking low unemployment and given us the greatest economic outlook ever is holding back New Jersey because of the removal of the S.A.L.T. Deduction and that the people of New Jersey are leaving because of it..  THIS IS A LIE!  People are leaving because of his parties Massive Tax Increase, Unfunded local legislation and impossibly complex and over burdensome regulation.   


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