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All the information I provide is information from websites.  I encourage you to do your own research on the links provided below.  I have included as much additional information per subject.

The purpose of this page is two fold.  The first is to help disseminate the information we need to fight back against the Socialist and their acolytes who would work to "fundamentally change" and break our country, our culture, our faith, our schools and our Constitution.

The second is to reinforce my message and provide a platform for me to stand up to the bully's of the hard left and the Democratic leadership which seek to shut down honest debate and force their failed and fake values on modern America.  We are a people who is ever growing and getting stronger everyday - but we can never forget our core values and what we stand for.  This is my message and this is who we are!

Abortion/Planned Parenthood:

Margaret Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood and an avowed hater of children.  She lived with the idea that our population growth could not be sustained.  She was wrong.  She believed that black families needed to decrease their numbers.  Feel free to watch this video to get an idea of just how misguided this person was.  




Kristen Watson (Co-Founder of One More Foundation) explains the "Pro-Choice" argument and why it is incorrect.   



Adoption provides a ready means to avoid abortion.  Young women to age 15-24 make up over 41% of all abortions a year.  Adoption provides a path to avoid abortion  while helping caring families to grow. Current costs for adoption in the U.S. varies between $10,000 and $40,000.  Instead of spending the money on abortions we should focus on alleviating financial concerns, streamline the process to decrease the overall cost for these families who seek adoption. Life is always a better choice than death.  We should applaud this action, not attempt to stop it with abortion.

Investigation of President:

Millions of dollars spent to attack our President.  It has become increasingly clear that the motivation for this wasn't a fine legal point but a point of vengeance to make up for the 2016 loss of the Democrat Party.   You can listen to Jim Jordan in regards to President Trump's Defense. 


I wish that was the only part of the story.  If you review the links below you will get a broader picture of SPYGATE and the threat to our country that it has really become.  It's clear that at some point an entire collapse of the legal system occurred and is still going on.  The link for it is


EDUCATION and Parental Rights in New Jersey: 


The link below is from the Charlie Rose Show (without Charlie Rose) where Frank Bruni and Jonathan Haidt discuss the problems with the Modern University.  The entire piece is good to give you an idea of what is wrong in general with the entire conflict between US and those who hate US and why it exists.  In short, the other side has no interest in understanding A) Why we voted for President Trump and B) why would we have a problem with their world view.  

Even still - What is interesting is that these liberals are identifying NOT what their problem is with US, but what is wrong with the HARD LEFT and (as they put it) il-liberal ideology of those who are protesting at Universities to SHUT DOWN FREE SPEECH!  



Many have asked what is wrong with our educational standards.  The link in this section goes to a Stossel video on how a couple of individuals were able to hoax prominent educational journals by sending jibberish articles that make no sense with 0 scientific basis.  The second link is to the Rubin Report where the two individuals from Stossel are interviewed and go into greater detail.  

In short, the problem has become that academic integrity has failed (this is true in the k-12 universe as well) and individuals political ideology Trumps (Pun intended) the real established common sense factors of academic integrity. 

Stossel Link:

Rubin Report Link:


According to Governor Murphy and the legislature parents don't have to be informed if your child wants to identify as a gender other than the one they were born with.  We've crossed the Rubicon of educational neglect.  The reason for this set of rules is simple, that parents can't be trusted to deal with the situation.  Parents, the ones who care for, pay the bills for, work and provide for the children are not allowed to be informed about their child's identity choices. 

In the link here: LINK ( Dr. Cretella points out at least 8 solid reasons why there is a problem with this movement and why we as parents should be knowledgable of our child's feelings and be a guide to help them make good coherent decisions, not a school official who hasn't known the child since birth and won't be there for the decades following these decisions.  Parents will be there and they should be involved in THEIR Child's care. 

Most notably of Dr. Cretella's concerns were her last remark about outcomes.  That suicides haven't decreased among the community, - they remain 20% higher than the average population.  .  Here is a link to which identifies the role that parents CANNOT PLAY in their child's education. 



According to the law, you - the parent - doesn't have to be informed if your child shows up at Planned Parenthood to get an abortion.  The reasoning is the same as the concern over transgender.  PARENTS can't be trusted to make good decisions and be supportive - so the answer is to replace the parent with the state or some other group outside parenthood. 

Here is the link from Planned Parenthood that identifies New Jersey as one of the states where parental consent is NOT required:


Understanding that the law needs to be followed, the problem here is in the ASSUMPTIONS made by individuals.  It is important to recognize that in this article the advocates of LGBTQ assume that if you don't want your child to be taught this at school that parents are unable, or ill-equipped to promote diversity or acceptance at home.  That if you are a Christian those on the left automatically accept that you DO NOT believe in this type of diversity.  Ironically, this is because of stereotypes made about Christians.  Those who promote this stereotypes of Christian ignore the basic teachings of Christianity - GENESIS 1:27 "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."  This is reiterated throughout the Bible.    

The CHRISTIAN POST does an adequate job of explaining this here:

As for quotes from the Bible about equality to humanity - please review this link that has the the reference to Genesis 1:27 and other cross-references:

Here is the information link about the new law:     LINK:



No matter the conversation, the parents are the ones who have to live with the consequences of the actions of government officials (in a school or somewhere else).  As an administrator, the law must be followed.  However, as parents we can feel disgusted that we are so marginalized by the school system and then blamed when a child misbehaves.  

Yes, parents are blamed all the time for their child's actions.  For the words a child says, for the "lack of supervision" that a parent has.  Yet we foist higher taxes on parents which requires them to be absent from their child's life and at the same time, the government of New Jersey is working hard to break our families by forcing parents out of the decision process.  

When a parent is taken out of the conversation, then the child isn't protected.  News reports are filled with bad parenting, but that is small in comparison to the large amount of parents who everyday do the right thing in taking care of their kids.  And yet, the government acts as if there is some MANUAL on Parenting.  This is the foolishness of government on display.  Government will NEVER be a better parent than a parent.  To expect that is to be foolish. 



In a rare moment of agreement I find myself siding with George Will as he describes the Ex-Im Bank.  Not only is this an example of overgrown government but it's also a demonstration of Government picking winners and losers - an essential point of Socialism.  Not only is it helping nearly exclusively Big Companies it also helps foreign companies.

STOSSEL does a piece on the 100 year birthday of Socialism.  In this. Lilly Tang talks about her days growing up in Communist China.  The indoctrination and eventual rejection of this collectivist way of life.  Great example of why we need to avoid Socialism - from a historical perspective.

PragerU - Puts together a short video with Andy Puzder.  Explains the evil of Socialism, examples and why Capitalism Works.  This allows a chance to compare the two versions and blows the myth of European Socialism into the toilet.  These countries are NOT Socialist, but Free Market with a Larger Welfare Program.  


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