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College/Universities SHOULD CO-SIGN Student Loans!

  1. Hold College/University's Responsible!
  2. Student's Graduating Unprepared for Employment
    1.  Today:  14% of Taxi drivers have College Degrees!
    2. 1970: 1% of Taxi drivers had College Degrees!
  3. Schools get Federal Dollars/ Increase Tuition to Fatten their Budgets - At Our Children's Expense
  4. Schools Promote BAD DEGREES  !
    1. Degrees  that are to specific aren't preparing graduates for futures. 
    2. Students who can't pay their bills hold off making families till later in life :
      1. Consequences is a breakdown in families 
      2. Consequences is a smaller families
  5. Schools   INDOCTRINATE their Students.
    1. Creates graduates who are ill -informed
    2. Creates graduates who aren't willing to listen to new ideas
    3. Creates a society that cannot improve 

Schools will develop Career Programs that will help our graduates find jobs that will pay well. 

Schools will Develop Career Degrees that aren't a waste a money.



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