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NO MORE $10 Band-aide


Employer Controlled Insurance:

  1. The Insurance Company is ONLY interested in giving your company the  BEST BILL!
  2. The Insurance Company doesn't Care about SERVING YOU!  Employer 1st - EMPLOYEE 2nd!
  3. The Insurance Company DECIDES: 
  • The COST of your DEDUCTIBLE!   
  • The COST of your PRESCRIPTIONS! 
  • The COST of your PREMIUM!

Under the BALDINI Proposal:

  • You PICK your Insurance Needs!
  • You Get the Insurance you want! Not the Insurance your Boss wants!
  • You get the Premium/Deductible that you want!
  1. Breakdown Restrictions on WHO can be on Your Insurance
  2. Breakdown State Barriers to buy insurance from the BEST Provider, not the ones who buy their way into your state!
  3. Open up Health Insurance to EVERYONE!
  4. No longer are we an indentured Servant to your Employer - Afraid to leave a JOB because of what you MIGHT get in a NEW position!

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