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Please mail any Checks written out to "Vote Big- Vote James Baldini"  Please make sure to fill out the form below completely (even if you are sending in a check) as it will help facilitate the process and follow the established local, state and federal laws.   Mailing Address is:

Vote Big- Vote James Baldini
15 Devita Road
Sandyston, NJ 07826

Please Make sure you fill out the following information on your CONTRIBUTION FORM.

  • the name and mailing address of the contributor
  • the amount and date of the contribution
  • if the contributor is an individual, the occupation of the individual and the name and mailing address of the individual's employer


Contributions will benefit the Election Fund of Vote Big- Vote James Baldini. Election Law allows contributions with a limit of $2800.00 per election from individuals and corporations and $2800.00.  

Paid for by Vote Big- Vote James Baldini, 15 Devita Road, Sandyston, NJ 07826

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Paid for by: Vote Big- Vote James Baldini
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