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"Congressman Gottheimer is working with his comrades to break our families, break our churches, break our schools and break our Constitution. Their assault on our way of life is simply the latest in an on going attempt to “fundamentally change our country”."

There is no greater country in the world than this one.  If you listen to the hard left you wouldn’t know that.  The Democratic leadership and our 5th district representative to Congress, Josh Gottheimer, believe the American Dream has ended.  Congressman Gottheimer, a long time partisan democrat, finds it easier to sit with his comrades of the hard left as they Socialize our country.  Congressman Gottheimer is working with his comrades to Break our FAMILIES, Break our FAITH, Break our SCHOOLS and Break our Constitution. Their assault on our way of life is simply the latest in an on going attempt to “fundamentally change our country”. 

Democrat leadership is systematically attempting to alter the nature of our country.  Socialized medicine, socialized government control, socialized employment. These ideas are now the cornerstone of the New Democratic hard left and as long as the Democrats hold a majority, they will continue to push for greater control of your life and how you live it.  Down with the Individual, UP with BIG GOVERNMENT!

Today the 5th district is under served by Josh Gottheimer.  He seeks to “bring money back” to New Jersey through pet projects of bureaucrats and his office.  Instead of protecting the taxpayer at the start, he wants to trust in government bureaucracy to tell us what "we need".    Instead of working to lower taxes and bring jobs back to our district, he wants to encourage tax growth so that bureaucrats can cut deals and spend more of our fellow citizens hard earned money.  

He has a record of siding with the destructive policies of Nancy Pelosi and the Hard Left and no record of supporting our President.  Recently it was reported by that he had to get permission from Nancy Pelosi to meet with President Trump in regards to BUILDING THE WALL.  This isn't independence, this is an example of a Beholding Politician to his Leadership!  Comrade Josh is nothing more than a Partisan Obstructionist along with the rest of the Hard Left!

Because of the failures of the Democrats in Congress and our own Josh Gottheimer I have found myself having to step into the Circus of Politics to defend our District and our Country from the horrors of the Hard Left.  End Socialism and help me fight them!



2nd Amendment - YES!

The Ida B. Wells National Constitutional Carry Law.

Ida B. Wells was a black news reporter in the Racists Democrat controlled, Jim Crow States. Gun Control is one of the last remnants of Jim Crow and the Democrats control over black families. Ida B. Wells called for every black family to have a Winchester over their Mantel to protect themselves and their families from the KKK.

We live in a mobile society.  Moving from one state to state.  States such as New Jersey turn honest, tax paying citizens into criminals because of the bigoted and racists gun control laws.  Statistics prove repeatedly that "gun control" neither prevents violence or is the leading cause of death in this country.  A hammer, a needle, a fork and a set of car keys are instruments of death more than bullets and guns.   

Worse yet, the laws as structured in New Jersey and other Democrat controlled states are often costly and expensive to overcome, meaning gun control favors the rich and powerful.  Individuals such as Josh Gottheimer and other rich Harvard lawyers can obtain the necessary permits and licenses because they can afford jumping through the hoops.  You and me have to struggle  

WHY?  Because we are all part of the Hard Left's desire to Control Our Way of Life.  They want us dependent on governmental, low incentive bureaucrats, so that we follow along and do what they tell us how to live our lives.   

SIMPLY PUT: Families that can't defend themselves are called VICTIMS. 

Today, we see the victims, those the victim of street crime, street gangs and drug dealers who parade around the streets of our inner cities, threatening families to "stay in line" or they'll be the next one gun downed. Forcing children to join their gangs and pass the "tests" of loyalty. Our families are made vulnerable by the Democrat leadership push to enforce gun control.


A National Heartbeat Bill.

  Current technology and public opinion has outpaced Roe v Wade. We now know that by the time a baby has a heartbeat the baby is fully formed.  From this point forward the baby develops.  Having stated that I understand that in our world today If your heart stops then you aren't alive. If you do, then you are alive. Thus the reason why we are Alive.  A heartbeat delineates the line between death and life.  It always has, for thousands of years.  Why isn't it still considered?  

Worse today, we have built up an industry that thrives on the yearly 900,000 abortions.  Any conversation about abortion needs to include this special interest and their lobbying groups.  They claim they fight for women. Yet, this industry regularly raises half a million to over a million dollars to give to politicians - which group am I explaining - PLANNED PARENTHOOD!  Make no mistake.  The message of Pro-Abortion is getting promoted and paid for by those who have the HIGHEST interest in keeping it going - PLANNED PARENTHOOD! If this doesn't cause you to pause, it should.


 As a matter of consideration to compare.  In one year, more children are killed by abortion than every single American killed in war in the 20th Century.  

When we consider abortion we need to consider what is the nature of life, as father's while we need to encourage our children towards abstinence we also need to recognize that as humans mistakes happen.  As a father I would hope that my daughter wouldn't feel the shame to not come to me.  That she would know I would support her in anyway possible were she to become pregnant.  I encourage all father's to make sure that their children know this as well. 


  To understand the erosion of morality that abortion causes we can review history and the world of today.   Today, around the world countries such as Iceland are "eliminating" those children that they don't want.  A deformity is not acceptable to them.  Children such as my own son would never have been born as he was born with Autism, a drain on society.  His mother was told as much when he was a baby.  Yet today he is an inspiration to all of us.  Working two jobs, and going to college.  He has a long way to go, but has already come so far.  

  For this we must stand against abortion as much as it is unreasonable for abortion to exist.  We have witnessed the horrible post-term abortions, we've seen the wreckage of abortion for body parts and we understand and yet we have allowed 60 Million babies to be wiped out.  

  That translates to 20% to 30% every year of baby conceived since Roe vs Wade.  Nearly 40% of these abortions are from black families, disproportionately high to the number of black women in our country (7%).   


  Finally, I'm not seeking to throw perspective parents or doctors into jail.  The first "Choice" of those who are pregnant (when you walk into an Abortion Clinic) is that, an abortion.  While Planned Parenthood claims that it educates mothers of alternatives, they lie.  They are primarily pushing the Directive of ABORTION!  

  In this way, it steers a new mother to get that abortion instead of seeking adoption choices, having the birth and the benefits of national support programs.  This is forever ignored by those on the Hard Left, as is the fact that much of the money donated to the PRO-ABORTION Lobby is in fact FROM Planned Parenthood PACs.  They are invested in keeping abortion going!

  There are alternatives to Abortion.  The first step is education of new and prospecting mothers to these alternatives.  This doesn't criminalize anyone.  Instead it should be viewed as protecting our children. 


Lower Taxes.

President Trump needs our Help! I plan to be the man to be there for him.

I plan on supporting him to lower our taxes, and decrease our national spending addiction.

  The current Officeholder wants to allow the bureaucrats to be in control of our money, and spend it the way they want, not the way we need. I say this is a typical Democrat policy - Big Government! I say let's stop the Tax theft that Big Government encourages. I say we lower taxes for the average taxpayer to below the Corporate Tax.

The garbage question from my opponents to this idea will be "How do you pay for this?" The answer is simple. We don't, it's OUR Money! If Democrats and my opponents are so worried - cut the Big Government Programs that waste money by 25%. 

The Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule explains the waste within our government and the best reasoning for us to deal with overly burdensome bureaucracy that has infested our country.   As the Principle states: 80% of all the work is done by 20% of the workers.  These swamp monsters must be stopped.   If we eliminate just 25% we are only beginning the cuts.  According to the Principle we can triple the amount!

I am not anti-bureaucracy as much as I am ANTI-WASTE!  We can do away with crazy experiments such as wondering how shrimp act on a treadmill as was showcased so many years ago.  These types of behaviors are symptoms of a larger disease - unchecked bureaucratic and wasteful spending.


I believe in a ZERO based budget.  I believe that EVERY DEPARTMENT needs to justify the spending of the money that so many of us sacrifice our hard earned income to send to Washington!


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