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Sunday, March 7, 2021 10:09 AM


Missed over the last couple of months we find Josh Got to take your RightsGottheimer once again pushing to protect himself while acting as an active advocate to take away your protections and rightsCongressman Gottheimer and 31 of his self-interested Congress people  sent a letter to the leadership of both houses demanding that more money be given to Members of Congress to provide additional protections for their families and district offices.  

Meanwhile, Josh Got to take your Rights Gottheimer calls his constituents terrorists in order to justify this increased funding.  Sure, he and the others claimed Jan 6th as their reasons.  I don’t agree with the rioters, but remember this about that day.  Josh Got to take your Rights Gottheimer, the Senators and Representatives all had armed guards to protect them along with their locked (and unlocked) doors.  We know because Ashley Babbitt was shot and killed by a still unnamed officer.   

This collection of Congressional Snowflakes has decided that the increased availability of their addresses and names on the internet has put their lives at risk.  Well, Josh Got to take your Rights Gottheimer  and his party aren’t done with screwing my fellow Americans over.  

Case and point: HR 127 not only completely destroys many of your rights surrounding the 2nd Amendment.  It also requires the publication on the internet of all Gun Owners names and addresses, what they have and where they keep it.   It seems that it’s perfectly okay for you and me to have all our private information plastered across the net, making us a target, while his majesty and his court jesters can get “legal recourse” if their private information is published without their permission.  

HR 127 has a boatload of other abuses to the American Gun Owner including a demand to have psychological evaluations, registering every firearm and outlawing America’s Rifle, the AR-15.  Yet, the armed guards around these Congressman and Congresswoman as well as their officers will be protecting them with the same type of weapons you aren’t allowed. 

Do as I say, not as I do anyone? 

We also know that if a BLM, black or white supremist, Antifa nut job, gang banger or robber decides to break into your house in New Jersey, where Josh Got to take your Rights Gottheimer  lives  there’s:

  1. No Armed Guard for the private citizen and
  2. You can’t defend your property and family because it is a MUST FLEE state. 

This means, Josh Got to take your Rights Gottheimer  is going to get his own police force to protect himself, his family and offices.  They’ll be guarding him ALL THE TIME!  You and I, we have to live with fate, hope and the prayer of a 911 Call.   Josh Got to take your Rights Gottheimer, will always be protected.  You are screwed.  Thanks Josh!

And when you pull your gun to defend yourself from the criminals banging on your door at 2 am, well you are now a CRIMINAL and will be prosecuted.

Welcome to the Biden America Re-Screw Plan!

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