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Letter to the Editor (3/27) NJ HERALD

It's hard to stomach the abject disdain that Governor Murphy holds for our Constitution.He admitted his personal bias that was his rationale for closing gun stores and shutting down our second amendment rights.  What type of country are we going to have after this? When a governor can use his own personal bias to shut down our rights.  

Governor Murphy said: “A safe society, for my taste has fewer guns, not more guns. And that the guns that do exist are in the hands of the right people.” He means of course the police and his bodyguards.  Not you and me, the law-abiding citizen..The Governor’s “feelings” are not legal reasoning to violate the Constitution. His “taste” is not an acceptable jurisprudence to violate our 2nd Amendment Rights.   His administration releases prisoners onto the streets, making our state less safe. Who does he think will be armed? The Governor sets you and me up to be Victims. It’s shameful. 

The unspoken words here are that Governor Murphy doesn't have to worry about his protection.  He has a full time personal protection force. The rest of us don't. We have ourselves and now we don't even have our neighbors.  The ability to defend yourself is a fundamental right handed down by millennia, unless you live under Murphy’s “tastes”!

It's understandable that we should follow "social distancing".  There's science to back up the data and those who ignore the data are foolish and risky.  However, if we can go to the grocery store and keep social distance, we can go to government meetings and have news organizations operating with social distancing, than why can’t we purchase guns and ammo.  Because it’s not fitting with the “taste” of Governor Murphy. Again: What type of country are we going to have after this?

James Baldini 


In response to Mr. Palotta's Property Tax Relief Plan:

 To be serious about tax reform of any kind we need to stop taking the people's money.  We are not the Government’s peasants to beg for our money back. That’s the Palotta and Gottheimer plan. Both seek to allow money to be sent to Trenton and Washington for us to fight to get it back either through tax relief schemes, deductions or false promises of grants and public assistance.  This plan is a gimmick and politics as usual.

With this plan Mr. Palotta admits that he doesn't have what it takes to change the tax and spend culture in Trenton or Washington; he’s already given up the fight.  Instead, we should elect someone who has committed to changing the culture in these swamps. Someone who has committed to supporting, campaigning and fighting back against Murphy and the tax and spend socialists..  A Congressman can fight back by supporting candidates for state and local elections who will commit to our parties primary goals of reducing spending and protecting our civil liberties. Our values and ideas are better than those of the Tax and Spend Socialist.

We continue to nominate and run Republicans who don't sincerely hold to our values, who are more politician than Conservative and more interested in getting the next campaign contribution than doing right by the citizens of our great state!  We need to hold these officials accountable when they fail us. 

Real tax relief is a tax cut such as my proposed 10% income tax cut for anyone who earns $250,000 a year or less. Instead of standing with Mr. Palotta I stand for the average American who wants to keep their money so we can feed our children, heat our homes and build our American Dream. 

- James Baldini for Congress





Listen as I talk about what has been going on and some plans for the future, for our District, and for our Country's Future.  Get on Board!  Volunteer Today!

FEBRUARY 19, 2020 at 5 pm- Catch me on....


FEBRUARY 24, 2020 at 5 pm   - Catch me on...



Nancy Pelosi put on a show of political theater the night of the State of the Union. In response, one of my Republican opponents demanded Congressman Gottheimer get Pelosi to apologize for her actions. This is more political theater.

My Republican opponent is no better than Pelosi and Gottheimer because this is more of the same old shenanigans, politics as usual. They want more of what is destroying our country.

Pelosi will never apologize, just as we knew months ago that the Senate would acquit the president. My Republican colleague knows this, yet still continues the political theater.

Gottheimer was instrumental in Pelosi becoming the speaker of the House. Among others, we have Gottheimer to thank for Pelosi’s performance these last few months. Could you trust a Pelosi apology? No! She has called our President an impostor and a liar and impeached him for a political agenda, not a legal one.

Political elites such as Gottheimer and Pelosi aren’t like you and me. They hear the President on Tuesday night and think “Orangeman Bad,“ “Trump Evil’’ as a reflex. The ordinary American — you and I — hear the words, “The American comeback story, the death to American-murdering terrorists, the great triumphs over racism and the rising economic American century,” cornerstones of President Trump’s speech. When Pelosi tore that document, she tore apart the American, you and me. She did it for spite and for theater. Pelosi didn’t do it because she loved America. My Republican colleague, Pelosi and Gottheimer are members of the political class and don’t feel the same love of America that we do. They see their role as a need to win the political theater. Not represent us, but to represent their party first and America last.

No apology can fix that. Only victory in November can.

James Baldini, Sandyston Candidate for the 5th New Jersey Congressional District







Join Jim for his "Listening Tour" as he goes about the District to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Click the link if you wish to join us for an event in your area. 


"Socialism is the misguided tool of the compassionate.  And the weapon of the evil minded individuals bent on domination of the people."

-James Baldini


"To have a purpose in life.  To commit yourself to something meaningful is an honorable act.  However, to blindly follow is foolishness.  The act of the ignorant.  This is what has happened to the current holder of the congressional seat of the 5th district.  This shouldn't be surprising.  He's a transplant to the district, with outside of the district money backing him.  He follows FAKE New Jersey Values.  He believes in Socialism and has every intention of Following the GREEN NEW DEAL proposed and supported by the Democratic Party!"  

- James Baldini


"If you follow Comrade Josh, you will follow him off the economic cliff with the rest of the Democratic Party"

- James Baldini


Saturday, November 30, 2019 9:36 PM


PRESS RELEASE:(For immediate release):

Josh- Unprepared for Class or a Liar (S.A.L.T.):
The only fact-based report that Mr. Gottheimer can stand on is that he and his fellow Democrats in Congress are wasting more American Dollars on their witch hunt against our President. Josh Gottheimer is a liar. He’s lied to us about being bi-partisan and he’s lying about SALT forcing New Jersey Families to leave the state. Families leave New Jersey because of the horrible and draconian tax/regulation and fee environment. But that’s not the worst of it. Josh Gottheimer either failed to do his homework properly on this press release or he simply lied about the facts.

Monday, September 16, 2019 2:45 PM


"This problem isn't a Republican or Democratic problem. This is an American Problem and this proposal will pull from both sides of the aisle, and most importantly it will attract independents to it. We've always pitted one side against the other in our hope to fix government. This will pull us together, not apart."

Saturday, August 31, 2019 12:01 PM


At the Campaign we believe in MOVING FORWARD and keeping up the Pressure against Comrade JOSH!  

To do that we have our new email: 

Send a congratulatory email if you want.  It's live!  And while you're at it,  Make sure you SIGN UP FOR UPDATES from our team!  Wouldn't it be glorious if we could show just what GRASSROOTS can do to the ASTRO-TURF of the Democrats and their COMRADE JOSH!  

In that frame of mind, I thought I might add this video about MOVING FORWARD! 

Saturday, August 31, 2019 6:14 AM



The entire attack on LAW ENFORCEMENT by the Left is "the way they do business" today in America. Humiliate Law Enforcement, encourage the lawlessness against Law Enforcement and the elimination or non-cooperation with Government Agencies such as I.C.E. to fight crime. THIS IS THE NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY! The leadership has given approval through lack of action and stopping the radical arm of their party.

To put it bluntly, Nancy, Gottheimer, and Schumer can sit back and watch A.O.C. and the "Squad" of Haters - do the "Dirty Work" and then say - "It's Not Democrats who are doing anything. This is all because of President Trump and the Right Wing of the Republican Party." While they ignore the burning I.C.E. offices! It's shameful and pathetic and NOT the way RESPONSIBLE American's Political Leaders should behave.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 12:58 PM

Government Waste

Sunday, August 25, 2019 8:15 AM


We need a TRUE AGENT OF CHANGE! Someone to call their hypocrisy out and stand by their words!  I'm that guy!

Those of the Political/Elite Class don't have to follow the rules that we do.  They create laws that force us into submission while they flaunt their power.  It's hypocritical, and for most of us that's enough for us NOT to be willing to act that way - cause we have a conscious.  Yet, they don't.  They have no problem flaunting their power and treating us as subjects - NOT CITIZENS! 

Remember, the Political Class will always think that they are better than us.  They will believe that they are doing "Our Work" and therefore there must be "allowances" for them.  That they are "ABOVE THE LAW" or they don't have to be subjected to the "COMMON THINGS" - like us! 

If they could hold their positions without having to convince us that they are doing "OUR WORK!"  They would.  They would love to be the Tyrants of our Nation.  That's the final outcome of Socialism - TOTALITARIANISM!



Wednesday, August 21, 2019 5:43 PM

Pizza & Politics Premiere Video

Check out the latest installment:

I talk Politics and discuss Pizzas!  Get a reminder and make sure you CHECK IT OUT!  

Share this note!  




Tuesday, August 20, 2019 4:01 PM

Democrats Want a RECESSION!

This message from Varney & Co. nails just what we've always suspected that the Left wants a recession because it feeds their POLITICAL NARRATIVE!  We see this with Bill Mahar and other Democrats as well.   Here's the Video.  Make sure to watch and Share this as far as you can.  It's important for us to get this message out!  


Of course an economy that is failing fits Democrats such as Bill Mahar.  He's worht 100 Million Dollars.  How's his life going to be altered.  Do you think he'll miss any meals or have to shut off the lights or worry about missing a payment on his mortgage.  Of course not because he's part of the Group of People who will have no problem hurting American Citizens to get his political way.  

Anything to Defeat TRUMP!



Saturday, August 17, 2019 10:19 PM

2019 Republican Women of the Year Reception

James Baldini was at the 2nd Annual Republican Women of the Year Reception!  It was a great event to meet and reach out to those of the party from all different parts of the State!  Make sure you take the opportunity to see the pictures.


Thursday, August 15, 2019 8:54 AM

Sussex County Freeholders Stand Up to Gov. Murphy!

Last night was a proud night for Sussex County. We should be proud of our Freeholders. As I stated last night these brave souls are taking on the might of the State of New Jersey that is breaking Federal Law. It is an American Tradition to question your government. In this case, our State Government is BREAKING THE LAW with it's UnConstitutional Sanctuary State Prohibitions towards Law Enforcement and Immigration Law.
Our Freeholders, last night, said NO MORE!

Thursday, August 15, 2019 8:50 AM

Disabilities in the Work Place: Panera Sparta, NJ

This screenshot, taken this morning, highlights just how difficult it is for those who are disabled. The young woman that is the subject of this post waited on my wife and her report to me was that this young woman did a wonderful job.
It's moments like this that we should highlight the positive instead of the negative. Here goes:

Sunday, August 11, 2019 10:16 PM

Abortion till Birth!

In this article from Life News we hear that Bernie Sanders Socialist plan is to allow the Radical LEFTIST plan of allowing Abortions at time of Birth.

It shouldn't be surprising that Sanders is a champion of this type of plan. This is what Socialism leads to.  Bernie's just taken the jump a little early, a few steps ahead of everyone else. 

Collectivism is evil and leads to the extermination of the people for the greater needs of the State!  


Stand with me and help us fight back against this LEFTIST agenda.  Donate now! Volunteer now!


Sunday, August 11, 2019 3:05 PM

President Trump was RIGHT! WALLS DO WORK!

The Humor here is that these people are proving that President Trump was 100% right! WALLS DO WORK!

Are they going to have to admit this now?  I doubt it.  MAKE SURE TO SPREAD THIS INFORMATION FAR AND WIDE!


Thursday, August 1, 2019 11:37 PM


News Flash!

I will be attending the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show this week.  Make sure that you stop by the tent to see me.  My SCHEDULE IS:

Friday 8/2 (10-2)

Monday 8/5 (10-2)

Tuesday 8/6 (2-6)

Thursday 8/8 (2-6)


WEDNESDAY IS VIDEO REVIEW DAY!  Come join us and participate in our VIDEO REVIEW - as we review foods and DESSERTS! 

AFTER 2 pm on WEDNESDAY (8/7)

Monday, July 15, 2019 10:17 AM

Video Release-1


Tuesday, June 4, 2019 8:05 PM

PRIMARY NIGHT (2019) Address!

I want to wish everyone who won across the state congratulations for your success. As we enter the time period of the General Election (2019) I welcome the Opportunity to help you as we move forward to take back our state from the Democratic Party Leadership that has worked so hard to Break our Families, Break our Schools, Break our Faith and Break our Constitution.

I look forward to helping anyone I can to overcome the problems within their district. Even if you aren't in the 5th District, if I can help, I will! We can do this, BUT WE MUST DO THIS TOGETHER!

Please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook @VoteBigJim Twitter @VoteBigJim ,on my website or through my email:


Sunday, June 2, 2019 9:36 AM

Gottheimer's failure to fight Antisemitism within the Democratic Party Leadership!

It’s inescapable now.
If the article linked below is true than what we’re facing is a true test of our future and the inescapable truth that Comrade Josh has abandoned Israel, and Jewish families around the world to join with his hard left brothers and sisters of his party.

Saturday, June 1, 2019 7:54 PM

Baldini Begins to Makes His Case (PART 1)

James Baldini begins to lay out his platform in this first of several videos.  Watch as Mr. Baldini explains why the current office holder needs to be defeated in November of 2020.  

Sunday, May 26, 2019 5:08 AM

Student Loan Debt


Colleges are creating INDENTURED SERVITUDE! Understand that not everyone has to go to college.  Certainly there are advantages, but you can support a very good lifestyle with many of the trades that are available in local technical and trade schools.  

Saturday, May 25, 2019 7:01 PM

Commissar Gottheimer Makes Another Fake Statement!

Commissar Gottheimer made another fake statement. He gets the lie of the day award as his Socialist desires rings true. As reported by the Patch of Ringwood-Glenn Rock the Commissar made this statement about the Green New Deal."None of those things are going anywhere," and "I'm into ideas that can actually get signed into law."

This is the lie of the Commissar who says he is against Socialism. Of course it won’t pass now because he knows that President Trump will VETO the Hell out of the GREEN NEW DEAL. Commissar Gottheimer and his fellow Democrat Leadership are only hoping to get a Democrat in the White House. And then of course - it is passable. Don’t agree, remember how Socialized Medicine would never be put into place.

Remember how you could “Keep your doctor.” Remember those lies. Remember OBAMACARE and the backroom, backdoor, under the table, and underhanded deals that the Ex-President Pushed so hard to get passed! Remember how Ex-President Obama LIED to us?

Well, we only have one vote for in the House of Representatives.

Do you WANT that vote to go for SOCIALISM? 

Comrade Gottheimer will SIDE with the Democrat Leadership EVERY TIME HE CAN!

He’s their Friend. He’s one of them, another HARVARD LAWYER!  Commissar Gottheimer a Clinton Acolyte. 

JAMES BALDINI isn’t a HARVARD LAWYER. He’s not even a lawyer! He got his degree right here in New Jersey.

Saturday, May 25, 2019 5:08 PM


Democrat Leadership is working to Break our FAMILIES, Break our FAITH, Break our SCHOOLS and Break our CONSTITUTION!  As we look across the landscape of our political divide we see that the Democratic Party Leadership has embraced Socialism, higher taxes, and an attitude of disrespect towards American citizens. Worst of all, sane political discussion has turned into hate for our President and those who have a Conservative point of view.

I am a Center-Right Republican who believes in the American Way. I have lived in the 5th District for over 40 years, I didn't move here to run for an election cycle. I went to school here, I had my first job in this district, was married in this district. I have roots in this district, unlike the current office holder.

Best of all, I'm not a Harvard lawyer who is beholding to the Clinton Machine, as the current office holder does. And yes, as many of those who have violated our Constitution and the American Way are.

I am a Citizen- Candidate! I've been an EDUCATOR for almost two decades. As a Social Studies Teacher I have a greater understanding of the meaning of our Constitution, the origins of society as well as a deep understanding of the roots of our governmental system. Our Constitution is NOT a living document meant to change with the whims of the present majority. Instead our Constitution is meant to keep the ideals and Freedoms open to all. Not the select few in power! 

Friday, May 24, 2019 10:29 PM

Gottheimer Endorses IMPEACHMENT!

If you listen to this interview Comrade Josh endorses the idea of getting the tax returns of the President through the use of the Courts.  In this the Harvard Lawyer identifies his true intentions.  

These intentions are to attack our President.  Comrade Josh knows that if he doesn't talk like a moderate than he risks losing his job.  What does he do?  He shifts the conversation to making it sound like he is a moderate - He's NOT!  

Comrade Josh is lying.  He is only interested in keeping his job.  He's one of the SWAMP MONSTERS THAT NEED TO GO! 


Too bad but Dana Missed that comment and thus the admission that Comrade Josh is only interested in hurting our President.  Why else would he endorse the "STUNT" label of his GREAT LEADER - Pelosi.  



Friday, May 24, 2019 4:25 PM

James Baldini Announces his Campaign for 5th Congressional District of New Jersey!

Today I announce that I am running for Congress. Our 5th District and New Jersey values have not been represented in the last two and a half years. The current officeholder and his fellow Democrat Leadership have worked hard to Break our FAMILIES, Break our FAITH, Break our SCHOOLS and Break our CONSTITUTION.

We need to end this abuse of our citizens and our nation.  Over the years I have seen good citizens suffer the high taxes and struggle to make ends meet.  While Cleptocrat Politicians suck the life force from our families through over regulation, high taxes and legislation meant to socially program what they consider the "lower Class" - US! 

We're the ones doing the living and the dying here in the 5th District.  We're the ones paying the taxes while the politicians enrich their pockets and make themselves look good.  No one really represents our ideas, Real New Jersey Values.  Real American Values!  

I don't know where the current officeholder is from, perhaps it's from Jersey, Great Britain.  Makes sense!  That is Socialist! His values are not ours!  


From the Desk of JAMES BALDINI

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